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Abby's Buy & Sell Genealogy is a classified ad site for genealogy buffs. Our purpose it to offer a venue for sharing any ancestry, census, dated, named and related items throughout the research community. This site is closely monitored for spam or any abusive activity. Please read through all our policies before posting to the site.

Privacy Policy

Please rest assured that Abby's will never sell, distribute or abuse our names list. Registering with our site is safe. As a registered user you may occasionally receive reminders about updated inormation or that ads are expiring. We promise not to fill your email box with lots of unnecessary chatter!

Advertising Policy

After purchasing permission to post ads to our site your saved information will be immediately available to the public. We monitor the site regularly and reserve the right to remove anything that is offensive or seriously off topic. Anything considered as "spam" by Abby's staff will be removed.

PLEASE NOTE: Even if you have paid to post an ad we will remove anything that is objectional or questionable. YOUR MONEY WILL NOT BE REFUNDED!

Examples: links to mortage, casino. gambling, offensive, etc. sites are not in line with Abby's Genealogy and will be removed.

Spam Protection

Abby's has put many spam protection programs in place to protect our advertisers. Each advertiser has access to a contact form which protects email addresses from spam. Please use your contact form and do not display your email address in your classified ad. Your profile also has a place to list your phone number if you wish customers to phone you.

Buying and Selling

Seller: Each posted ad is the responsibility of the poster. As a seller you are responsible to communite clearly with prospective buyer, negotiate your own method of receiving money and for a timely delivery of sold items.

Buyers: You are responsible for contacting the seller of items you are interested in, and of negotiating with them to receive funds and ship your items.

Online Classified Ads for Genealogy

As soon as you create an account and login you will find a link in this spot to start adding and managing your classified ads.

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