Diary of Lawrence Litchfield No.6

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Lawrence Litchfield
Lawrence Litchfield

May 24, 1906.  This is diary #t for Lawrence.  What a dedicated guy to have written so many diaries!

"May 25, Thursday.  Today Pap and Mam washed, I went to school also, Elsie and the boys also went to school walked both ways on account of Daisy our mare having a fine young colt; come last night.  Pap and I had a two or three mile hunt for the cows and then did not them we just got hoe at half past nine. Pap got home 15 minutes sooner than I did.  I went north pap, west. Mr. Bristol started to plant corn on our place today.  The weather was quite cool all day and cloudy too.  It sprinkled a little, not much.  61 above during the day.  50 above at night."

This young man writes a wonderful diary.  He tells about fixing up the shed which they move into and how they have to raise it up and put stone around it.  The stone comes from the pumphouse.  They seem to have a large amount of land.  This young man works a lot and seems to enjoy himself....no complaining.  Nice guy!


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