Levi Kauffman

Elizabeth Catherine Meily

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Diary for Elizabeth from January 1, 1937 to December 31, 1941.

"September 16, 1938 - I had my oration with Mr. Ortmann, director of the Peabody Conservatory.  I passed it."

"October 1, 1938 - Am attending school at the Peabody Conservatory of Music.  Staying at Hall House.  My roomate is Mildred Adams from Danville, Virginia"

Elizabeths birthday was October 18.

Father: Clarence E. Meily

Mother: Anna Mary Zimmerman

G-Father: David L. Zimmerman

G-Mother: Elizabeth Kauffman


This is an amazing diary with names of aunts and uncles, first and last names of friends.

Some of the names:

Will Meily

Uncle Levi Kauffman

Aunt Susie

Martha Meily

Sue Meily

Aunt Ida

Martha Meily

Aunt Clara

Mable Meily

This is an unbelievable genealogical find.



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