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8th Great Grandfather

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After being told about this wonderful site I decided to look around and see what I had I no longer needed or did not belong to my family.  I have quite a pile of  "The New England Historical and Genealogical Register", so I began going though and writting short bleeps on each one when I came across the name EPHRAIM KEMPTON, well you could have knocked me over with a feather!  There he was my 8th Great Grandfather along with tons of wonderful information I did not have.  Been looking for some of the info for quite a while and it was in my own library.  This site is a great opportunity for us genealogist, if you are anything like me over the years you have bought books only to find they only had one line regarding my family.  Along the way I have also ended up with other items, birth and death certificate, military info etc. which just does not belong to my family and finally there is a way to sell them without paying commission.  Hope you join me on site.

Ginny Berry

Learning to spell

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Abby says the first thing you have to learn when beginning your family research is how to spell "genealogy".

Happy Genealogist

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Abby says "Do you know why Genealogists die with a smile on their face?

Because they know this will be another date for their pedigree chart!"

Books Are Nice

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Kindles are nice but there is nothing like the "real deal". Holding a book and reading your ancestors name is a major high!"

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