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Family research and genealogy can become very complex, but one thing is certain: to begin your research the only thing you really need is an active interest.

Family research usually begins with your living, breathing family members. In fact, researching your family is an excellent tool to help you reconnect with family members you rarely see. The first step in family research is to call, write or email and start asking questions.

Human beings naturally see themselves as family and tribe members. We love nothing more than to be asked about ourselves: who we are, what we do, where we have been.

Genealogy is suitable for any personality type. If you are organized person, go ahead and gather notebooks, tape recorders, and note cards. Create a file in your computer to store information and sharpen all your pencils. As an organized individual you know that this is a big project and you are going to want to know where to find all your materials as the research grows.

Genealogy Supplies and Tools

A good thing!

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Abbys says "When you sign up and begin placing ads the really great thing is as long as your a member your ad runs.  As all of us genealogist know we don't check the internet daily for each name we are looking someones ad may be on this site for months which means for those of us looking for those "special" people we have a much better chance of finding them!  Thats a good thing!

Be sure and add the names!

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Abbys says "When placing an ad on my site be sure you add the names of anyone mentioned in your listings.  The search engines will find them and then when someone searchs one of those names your listing will come up. 

Online Classified Ads for Genealogy

As soon as you create an account and login you will find a link in this spot to start adding and managing your classified ads.

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