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Experienced genealogists will look at the title of this blog entry and immediately think, "Opps! She's wrong!" because the word is really spelled "Genealogy." They know it's wrong, though, because they probably started out spelling it that way! Beginning researchers typically start with the spelling "GENEOLOGY" because it both looks and sounds right.

So why is that?

As 'geneologists' we are very concerned with the roots and origins of things so our first clue will be to look at the origin of the word.

This word, meaning the study of a family tree or lineage comes from two Greek words: genea (ancestry or descent) and logos (wisdom or knowledge).

Both together 'genealogos', or genealogy and genealogist.

If we had all paid good attention in Latin class, memorized our vocabularies and passed with flying A's then there would be no problem because we'd always be thinking "genea" first and the spelling and pronunciation would naturally follow.

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Historical Bible: Singleton and Squires

Item 110 in Abby's classified collection is a bible that  belonged to Mrs. W. Singleton, and passed on to Evaline Winifred Squires.

Mrs. Singleton is listed at address: 809 Artabasi, Long Beach, Ca. Evaline Squires is listed at the Pea Vine School, Carroll Co., Mo. Evaline Winifred Squires was born in 1868 and died at the age of 81 in 1949.

The bible has some very interesting articles attached to the front cover that both speak of the joyful quality of the owners, and of the times they lived in. Here is a transcript of the clippings.

"So many faiths so many creeds,
So many paths that turn and wind,
When all the old world really needs,
Is just the art of being kind."

"There's joy a-plenty in this world to fill life's silver cup,
If you'll only keep the corners of your mouth turned up."

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